Sunday, July 20, 2008

mixed bunch

Grant and Jarrod are sailing in the 14ft skiff worlds in Warnemunde - they won race 6 and are coming 2nd with one race to go. They will be pretty pleased with themselves. Here they are crossing the finish line first. It looks rather cold and bleak and I expect it is....

Last night the Wallabies beat the Springbox but next Saturday will be the exciting one - nail biting stuff I hope not. All Blacks vs Wallabies in Sydney.

The other exhibitions I saw in Wellington which I would highly recommend were at Pataka Museum. There were several exhibitions on - Amazing Lace, Sharing Stories,
Lightwaves, Muramura, All Fired Up, Tossed and Found. Al
l very much worth a visit - and the coffee and toasted sandwich was okay too.
This piece of lace is by Jeff Thompson - titled Lace IV 2006 - screen printed steel. I was rather fascinated by his work. The lace exhibition was a mixed bag but we also enjoyed the lace coat hanger covers - our mother made plenty of these....

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