Saturday, July 19, 2008

getting back into action

I nearly didn't get to NZ actually - I arrived at the airport in Perth after the gate for luggage had closed and the queues at check-in were mind-boggling. Pushed my way to the front of the Qantas Club queue and got verbally abused by people only to be told I had missed the flight. But by some quirk of fate (there must have been others as errant as me) I was told to go to a different counter where I could actually check in. I didn't see any others - maybe they felt kindly towards me. But then the flight was delayed an hour for something or another. One thing I did discover when I drove from Wellington to Palmerston North in the middle of the night was that the road was full of cars (and many trucks), there were loads of roadworks people working and all the way there were lights on in houses - now I know what people get up to when I am usually asleep (it was 2.45am when I arrived in PN).

For the return trip, Bev and I went to Te Papa to see the Rita Angus exhibition - fabulous and I would recommend it to anyone who has not already been to see it. We meandered through the first 2 rooms and then had to canter after that - no way I would dare chance my luck at checking in late. The catalogue will have to satisfy what I missed. She was quite a woman. The book was too big for the scanner so the S is missing. It was also very heavy in my backpack. I will tell you about the other exhibition we went to tomorrow.

While I was away, a delivery of Graphitints arrived and they are on our website but these are mine - wonderful pencils which I have been after for a while. They work dry on dry but when you apply a water brush - yummy. I am off to do some printing and colouring and playing sometime today before we go to Bruce's to watch the rugby - Wallabies vs Springbox.

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Helen Cowans said...

I love the Graphtints - mine will be coming with me on the trip :)


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