Thursday, July 17, 2008

back again

Here I am back home again - long day's flying and I could have got an earlier flight from Melbourne except that the girl on the counter sent my bags down the shute even though I asked.... Never mind.

I had a great time - it was only bitterly cold one day in Palmerston North. The conference 2 market days were great - apart from there being no lighting on my stand, people were fabulous and went away with more than half of my luggage (never mind I filled it up with wine and stuff for Ian). It was super to catch up with so many people and I enjoyed staying with Bev and we spent one evening going through a big box of photos - some pretty awful but quite a few good old ones from the past. Here is me in my Princess Diana pose! This was when I was director of music in my previous life so I guess it was at a musical event - I used to conduct the choir. I hate speaking into a microphone. Weren't those glasses something? I had forgotten how huge they were.

Came back to a copy of ver Filzt Und zuge Naht where my Surface tension book is reviewed. The magazine looks great but I am going to have to borrow Bruce's German dictionary to be able to work out what it says - pictures tell many words and maybe I can even get Bruce to do some translation for me.

Very busy today with orders and sorting stuff. And it is raining.


Stitching with Schnauzer and Siamese said...

Welcome back Dale.. the magazine looks interesting.. get Bruce to translate the article..whose title is.. "what is a blog then? I am curious. The instructions for Crazy bags should be good as well.
Best Wishes

Maureen said...

Welcome back Dale - that really is a Princess Di pose (even with those glasses)

Penny said...

Hmm I wondered who that vaguely familiar woman was!!

artisbliss said...

Isn't it interesting the paths our lives take over the years? I am deeply interested in music as well, in fact I majored in vocal performance my first two years in college before I switched to art.

I seem to remember similar glasses on my own face. Yikes.

stitchhelen said...

Hi Dale
My Mum went to your stand at the conference (I told her to look at all your treasures) and sent me a little parcel of goodies which was a lovely surprise. They're beautiful. I'm at home in CHCH with the twins and couldn't get to Hastings. I think it's in CHCH next so I'm looking forward to that.

MargaretR said...

What a beauty you were Dale and I love the glasses!

Alison Schwabe said...

I have a pair of totally huge sunnies from that era, 1975-80, right? and still give them an airing from time to time - when I want to "make a statement" - what it says I am not quite sure - but I just love them still. Might wear them in to see you one day.


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