Saturday, July 05, 2008

sailing, rugby and magic carpets

Just waiting to see how today's sailing in Six-Fours goes - the mistral arrived yesterday I believe but it was too windy for racing. Grant is in the lead by 4 points but of course anything can happen in sailing.

Then we are waiting anxiously for the first of the tri-nation games - All Blacks vs Springbox in Wellington where it sounds like the weather is a bit nasty.

I have been working on my magic carpets for lesson 6 of my workshop. Nice and colourful as all magic carpets should me (for me anyway)

Lots of rain here - last night we ent to the WASO for a very nice concert - Ballet Russe - I think the WASO is sounding the best I have ever heard it - and I have been pretty critical over the years. The winds were very good (apart from the very first chord) and the strings emitted a cohesive and good sound. At last....


ElizH said...

Yes, the weather in Wellington was pretty nasty. Still is pretty cold, though the sun is out today.

I am new to your blog Dale so I need to check out who Grant is?

Hope all goes well at the Symposium in Hawkes Bay.

Anonymous said...


Delicious magic carpets keep wishing for an embellisher one day.



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