Tuesday, July 08, 2008

fabulous photo

found a great photo from the final day's sailing at Six-fours
Here's a description, written, I think, by the photographer - (French translation unaltered by me)

'Black hull, gray veils, spinnakers black or yellow, the splendid SLAM s’ is logically imposed. L’ Australian Grant Rollerson, well-known of the international circuit for its devastating humour and its high silhouette of hairy surfer, n’ ceased progressing in l’ optimization of the adjustments of sound 18 feet new bright burning coal. Put at l’ water the first day of competition of the JJ International Giltinan Championship run semi February out of bay of Sydney, its skiff with the colors of SLAM seems to express aujourd’ today all its potential in the small airs'.


Penny said...

What a wonderful piece, I hope you keep it for ever.

Doreen G said...

Does all that waffle mean he's a good bloke who looks like a surfie?

Christine said...

Don't you just LOVE automatic translaters, LOL? I particularly loved the "hairy" description, VBG. Great photo, I'm sure you're really proud of him.

Christine in sunny Sydney where the WYD "pilrims" are everywhere !!!


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