Sunday, July 06, 2008

Congratulations to Grant

WOW - Grant has won the 18ft European Championships - mothers and fathers are allowed to be proud of their children no matter what age they are. I read that Slam was showing devastating speed in the building breeze. All that hard work has paid off. Grandma would be proud of you, Grant. A glass or two of champagne is in order.

After lots of rain and cool weather for Perth, we have had a lovely day so some plants have ben planted and some tidying up has occurred, and a magic carpet has been nearly finished along with the start of a stand up book.

Excellent rugby - the All Blacks won and so did the Wallabies (it's okay for them to win unless they are playing the All Blacks). We are off to Bruce and Kazuko's to watch Maori play Australia A and then to dinner.


Guzzisue said...

WOW!! didn't he do well. You have every right to be proud of his achievements :-)

Stitchety Grub said...

Hi Dale ... Fabulous to hear that Grant has won ... I was following your comments on your blog ... that is just brilliant you are entitled to be very proud :D

Viv Estill said...

Really pleased to hear your news Dale - congratulations to Grant - we love achievements

Penny said...

great news Dale, I can imagine how pleased you all are.
Raining and freezing cold here, i am behind with my week 5 and not sure how much will get done, too busy cleaning up after workmen who have left a muddy revolting mess, and this may go on for months if they start on the kitchen. I will have moved out by then. No fire today as a new flue is going in, that is if they get here because it may be too wet, no rain, we pray for it and then all the workmen arrive!


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