Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cape Leveque and off I go again

Ian has finally had his photos from Cape Leveque developed - lots of sea, red dirt and a good relaxing time. Here is Ian in the bush.

Further up the beach roaming the rocks.

Our first trek in a 4WD on the red dirt.

Our safari tent

the rocks at the other end of the beachthe other beach where we went to see the sunset - the wonderful red rocks

our safari tent close up - long gone the days of our early camping - real beds and a bit of bush luxury - highly recommended.

Today I am off to NZ to trade at the embroidery conference over the weekend and to catch up with my sister - she tells me it will do me good to experience real cold weather so I am wearing all my clothes as no room in the suitcases for those. Back on Wednesday. I land in Wellington in the middle of tonight - hope my hire car has a good heater. Ian is in charge back here.

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Doreen G said...

Yeh party time Ian.


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