Monday, May 29, 2006

Sydney photo

When Ian had all his pics developed he found a pile of photos taken in Sydney at the 18ft foot champs. Grant and his crew had such a bad regatta due to the dreadful condition of their brand new boat - it simply started coming to grief - all that training and money - but this was taken the day they led for almost all of the race and came in 2nd. It's a great photo and you can see that he certainly was happy that day. He should have been able to look like that every day but such is life.....

My day has been spent packaging, packaging, packing, packing with another round tomorrow. But I am about to sneak into my studio and create a little Shanghai momento which I shall post later.

Ian phoned the builder today - he thought we were still in China and he wanted us to be here when the painters come back to finish so they and he are coming next Tuesday. After we have finished all this slog tomorrow, we are off to Broome for a long weekend and back on Sunday night. This is our rest and rec before the Sydney show - last year we did this and found we weren't exhausted at the end of each day and ended the show still full of beans.

Just as well Ian did all of his cutting yesterday as he worked outside and today it has rained almost all day - lovely stuff but not so good for the solusheet......

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Helen from Canberra said...


Where do you get all this energy???

Cheers Helen


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