Saturday, May 13, 2006

saturday night

Just a little wisper on a Saturday night. We are sitting outside eating our dinner - it is very warm, the outside lights are on in the studio and the Hurricanes won. Yeah! An excellent day all round. Had to wait for it but here is a pic of Tana Umaga in action. Means they get a home semi-final in Wellington. Fingers crossed.

Ian has loaded the latest pic of my studio onto the About Us on our website with inside and outside lights! Maybe when we get back the painter will have done his stuff and I can start moving in.


teri springer said...

Ok...I admit it...I had to read this post a couple of times and then scroll down. You see, the Stanley Cup (hockey) playoffs are going on here in North America and the Carolina Hurricanes are kicking the stuffing out of the NJ Devils, who were one of the favorites to win....and I am a 'Canes fan (to a point; I love all hockey but would really like to see a Canadian team win it since the Detroit Red Wings are already out). Anyway, now I know there is a Rugby team called the Hurricanes too......


Miriam said...

hey dale,
thanks for visiting my blog. i love your textile work, especially that velvet. your studio looks terrific - a place you won't want to leave and will probably give you lots of inspiration. when will it be completed? i look forward to checking back.

downunderdale said...

Teri - mine are the REAL ones and they won last night which means they get to play the semi final back home in NZ. Isn't it silly how we have our teams and get upset and elated for them?

Miriam - thanks for your comments - just hanging in to be in my studio and then I will be hard to move out. The velvet piece will be finished before June 9th so watch this space!


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