Sunday, May 28, 2006

shanghai some more

After such a let down with the rugby, back to packaging for the Sydney show. I am afraid there is no fairy to help me apart from co-ercing Ian into cutting up the solusheet, thermogauze and lutradur and it really is a big show for us so I seem to have been working non stop for ages. I will be glad when the palettes of stuff have gone on Wednesday because it's too late after that except for all the stuff which can fit into our suitcases. Then, crazy as it sounds, we go to the show, unpack it all and set it up (and that looks like an even crazier task at the time), work hard for 5 days and then pack what's left and send it back and when it gets here, unpack it and start cutting and packaging all over again. Must be stupid.

Back to Shanghai. This pic is of the Grand Theatre - a fantastic building with glass all around and a type of mesh. We went to see the ballet - The Last Emperor - it doesn't really matter what was on we enjoyed it all.

Then we went to the Shanghai Museum - it was described in our book as a giant doughnut - very well set out and as I said before, I loved the bronze collection. An enormous number of school kids appeared while we there - roaming around everywhere. Friends asked if the seagulls had flown in from Perth..... but they really are pigeons

These next two pics are of sections in the People's Square - back in the 1920s this was the racecourse. There are lots of green areas in Shanghai - these gardens were so beautiful. This is the waterlily pond and I sat here for a little sketch and Ian took lots of photos with his real camera - a bit of a rarity these days since everyone has digitals but he takes great pics and I only use the digital for walls and doors and such. It would be beautiful when all the waterlitlies are out - I am sure Monet would have liked it!

There is a also a good shot of the probably local blokes playing cards or something similar. Reminded us of Hyde Park just down the road here in Perth, or anywhere in Europe where we have been. It was a beautiful park and there were lots of people out and about.

Finally these are some really fun sculptures we saw outside the modern art gallery (I think that was what it was). Just standing around outside and being enjoyed by everyone.


MargaretR said...

Thanks for the pics. I enjoyed those and will have another look later.
You are so busy, you exhaust me.
Sorry about your team! I know I'm Welsh, but I don't know a thing about Rugby.

Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

I am just catching up with your blog after a couple of days with visitors etc. Firstly my commiserations re the Hurricanes. I've never seen a game played in such foggy conditions. Thank you for the pics I really love the fun sculptures outside the modern art museum.

Cheers Helen


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