Saturday, May 13, 2006


here is the 'under' - now I have to cut the edges and make the next decision on size. Trying to finish it ready to take with me on Monday to stitch. Thanks Gill for that shopping info. I have been up and down all of those stairs - must have had my eyes closed. Will open them this time.

Rugby report for Friday - sad to say, Helen, that the Brumbies lost yesterday. It was a pretty soggy game from the way the ball didn't bounce and the water splashed up. I am afraid the Force didn't help over night so it's all over, rover, for the Brumbies this year. Today fingers crossed for the Hurricanes to beat the Waratahs so they can have the semi-final in Wellington. Either way they play the Waratahs next week for the precious spot in the finals.

Busy trying to clear up a few jobs before we leave on Monday morning. 7 days in China including 4 as tourists in Shanghai. Looking forward to it. Last night just happened to see a programme on tv of old Shanghai.

We have created a new section in our catalogue titled Waiting to be Added - for all the lovely new goodies waiting beside Ian's computer. It's a big list but at least people can see the new goodies titles.

Plus - shocks galore - the electricians turned up at 7am and almost finished the job - outside plugs and lights in the patio - just have to come back with a copper chain for the hanging light in the patio. That means that the painter may come and go while we are away. We will be able to sit outside tonight and admire the outside lights.


smarcoux said...

HI Dale

We will wait to see all your lovely photos when you get back .. do have a great time.


Unknown said...

Have a great time Dale, look forward to seeing your goodies when you get back,

Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

In my despair yesterday I forgot to wish you and Ian a great time overseas.

Cheers Helen


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