Friday, May 12, 2006


well I managed to finish stitching the 'under' postcard as well but still have the linking cords to make and the backing to add so I can take them with me on the plane to stitch. Eight hours is a long flight to Hong Kong on Monday. We are only staying overnight and catching the train to China. Bit of business and then 4 days being tourists in Shanghai. Last year when we were in HK I didn't find a single thing worth buying - I am not a shopping shopping girl but always on the lookout for textiley goodies for me and you! But my friend Kelvin (our business associates) is taking me shopping so that will be very good.

Running like mad and off to the rugby soon - it doesn't look good for the Brumbies, Helen. But you never know.

Here is the basket of our lovely new thick 3 ply metallic which arrived yesterday - runs well in the bobbin (150 metres on a spool which is a good amount) but you can also pull the thread out for textured types things as well as all the usual - couching and stuff. Always exciting when you get new things..... and yes I love opening parcels!


Gill said...

Dale, in Hong Kong head for Central, and Pottinger Street (I think - it's that or the next one...a series of steps) There I always found a whole bunch of women selling "gold" thread for couching and so on, very very cheap. Have been several times and they were there on every visit.

Also, mid levels escalator, get off at Hollywood Road and into a shop on the left called Gorgeous Arts and Crafts for wonderful old Chinese pieces - shoes for bound feet, antique purses etc. Even if you don't want to buy, it's worth looking at the way they present their stuff - framing and the like.

Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

I'm devastated!!!! I will now barrack for the Hurricanes (just for the finals of course).

Cheers Helen


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