Sunday, May 07, 2006

rugby roundup

I haven't posted for a few days - things have been getting in the way but 2 reports today - rugby first of course. Very exciting weekend - all the Kiwi teams except the Auckland Blues won their games this weekend and all the Australian teams lost except for - wait for it - the Western Force. At last they have a win on their books. My beloved Hurricanes won but they were quite determined to give it to Queesnland - gave them passes and even a good kicked ball. Never mind, they won. Here is a pic of Tana Umaga getting away from Ben Tune. My sympathy to those ACT Brumbie supporters but the Highlanders did play superbly. You can blame our friend Jonathan who thought he would counter Ian and me by wearing his Wallaby jersey. I know from experience that when I wear my greenstone earrings the All Blacks always lose so I gave that away after the last World Rugby series. Last game of the round robin next weekend.

On Saturday morning I went to a WAFTA open day at Jennie Abbott's lovely home up in the bush north of Perth - it was really nice to catch up with people. While I was driving up and back I decided to make changes to my downunder postcards so back to square one - textiley report later on. Right now we are off to Tarts for a decent cup of coffee since we are out of any here. Not a sign of the electricians on Friday as promised but ever hopeful for tomorrow morning. So close but yet so far. I have been cleaning out some of my junk so there is sometime positive happening.

Back later


Ali Honey said...

Quite a good weekend for NZ eh.
Our netball team The Magic won too. It is good your Force got the win they deserved, they have been trying so hard. Cheers Alison.
( Go The Bay ! )

downunderdale said...

They certainly have, Alison, and it was almost an anti-climax. Congrats on the netball win too.

Dorothy said...

Te He,
The ONLY reason for me to watch is those tight little shorts they wear! Oh My!

Dorothy (giggling)

Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale

It's getting down to the serious end of the rugby season. The Brumbies need just one competition point next week to get into the semis. I am so nervous I don't know if I'll be able to watch it.

Cheers Helen

downunderdale said...

Helen - it might be all down to The Force for the Brumbies and without George too for a week. My fingers are Hurricanes crossed for a win next Sat - Dale


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