Wednesday, May 03, 2006

let there be light

yippee do - the sparkies arrived at 6.30am and we almost died of shock. They have indeed worked all day and we have power and lights inside and some outside including the one shining up between the two eucalyptus trees. They have promised to come on Friday and finish the outside ones in the patio. Just need the painter to do the finish inside then I can move stuff in. We have had to pick up our new dining room table and chairs as they were outstaying their welcome at the shop so they are in the studio until there is a space for them in the dining room. All we need now is the second coat of paint outside, the sink in and the paving done. Then we can gather our breath (and save some more money) and get to the next part. I have to start thinking about what furniture I want in there.

Spent last night creating a photo collage of our house back and front in PSP and saved it as a template and for some reason I can't access it so I have to start again. I did print some out but I needed to soak my tissutex in inkjetset for printing so I am about to do another one. This is for my downunder postcards so maybe I will have some pics to show tomorrow. In the meantime here is the back of the house looking from the studio - this is our summer dining room - and our front door. It's a lovely old house, just full of too much stuff. Better than having a bricks and mortar shop though.

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Helen from Canberra said...

Hi Dale,

Congratulations on the Hurricanes win last night. The Brumbies need to win tonight to secure a place in the semis. I'm not sure if they also need to secure a bonus point. Glad to hear that the electricians had been . Did they manage to get there on Friday??

Cheers Helen


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