Monday, October 06, 2014

off we go

Today we are off to London for Ally Pally which starts on Wednesday - we are all out of kilter having to leave a day early - arrive at 7.30 a little later than usual but we are flying with Singapore Air - are you all aware that the Australian National airline - aka QANTAS - does not fly internationally from Perth? Just as well we have found other better airlines to fly with. Then on the blue line to Wood Green and on the W3 to Ally Pally - set up tomorrow - eat sleep and back to work on Wed.

I am working on my Kimberley Dreaming piece - still got lots of my background stitch to do but I added a few spirals of merino so I could stitch into them. It will be on our stand as a work in progress. See you there if you are coming. TGC9 is our spot.

I spent a lot of the weekend making more screens - eucalyptus from our garden and some WA towns. Then I ran out of mesh so that was that until we get back.

I found this leaf outside the back door this morning. Ready made holes and they go wonderful colours.

This is my new toy - a vintage typewriter - 1957 - so I am not sure what that makes me. I have been typing poetry on deli paper - let's see what happens to it.

Not that I am ready to go really as I have a heap of projects etc to finish. Never mind - I have taken my roller skates off and put the head back on the chook and once I am on that plane with my glass of wine - who cares. See you all on the dark side - or the up side or.....

Not sure if I will be able to blog while we are away with pics anyway - I cannot get blogspot to load nay piccies. But I will be updating Facebook if you want to pop over and see.

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Heather said...

Wishing you trouble free journeys and setting up, and lots of customers with fat purses! Have a great time.


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