Friday, October 17, 2014

Holiday time

Yes finally on holiday and this year a slightly further afield spot - New York- we flew over on Tuesday - good flight apart from the many annoying people dressed in black on the plane who spent the entire trip cluttering the aisles. We have rented an apartment in Greenwich Village on W9th Street. Celebrated our arrival with a red and a pizza

Olio e Piu just up from our apartment - open until 4am - eat your heart out Perth. It's a lively area and so many yellow cabs

Next morning went for a walk in our environs - Halloween coming up - lots of pumpkins every where

Checked out the local shops for breakfast supplies - Indian Corn

Flowers abound in the surrounds of trees

We walked to Washington Square and looked back to the Empire
State Building

Spotted this when we were checking out the fish

All very exciting and not a stitch seen - too much to see

1 comment:

Heather said...

Not your usual type of location but fascinating nonetheless. Have a great time.


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