Thursday, October 23, 2014

New York City Day Nine

Lazy day today - slept in - it was raining and windy - and went to French Roast for breakfast- mostly we have been eating at our apartment. We have doing most of shopping at our local fabbo shop - Citarella

On our way to the subway I tried a few nail varnishes for fun and to cheer up my sad miserable hand and wrist - which colour do you think I bought?

We caught the train to the MOMA but it was late so decided to try first thing tomorrow and instead went off to seek out the Ace Hotel since the boys at Ace Pizza told us we must. Trouble was it was raining heaps and our umbrellas were at home and I thought it was 25th street and it was 29th so we arrived all wet and soggy.

The lobby is really lively - hard to take photos in the light and we booked to eat at the Breslin which is their restaurant- the bar there was packed- great restaurant

When you have good service and good food and wine then you forget how wet you are/were. We both had pork belly and because our waitress was so helpful and friendly and chatty and looked and talked like KD Laing, we had

Eaton Mess for pud. Now Ace Pizza could take this one up.

After all that it was still raining hard so one of those yellow taxis drove us home

1 comment:

Heather said...

What a shame there has been so much rain, but it doesn't seem to have stopped you getting around.
Your meal looks delicious and I bet you bought the dark pinky red nail polish.


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