Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New York City day eight

This morning we took the subway to Soho (we could have walked but trying to respect our feet early in the day) and checked out Purl Soho - I was interested to see their wool selection - mostly plain wools and hardly any of those fancy ones seen everywhere at Ally Pally - and a large selection of Habu (Habu trade opposite us at Ally Pally. They have fabrics too but I didn't actually look at those. I did buy a lovely woolly bundle - left Ian to pay for it!

Then we caught the subway uptown and walked to the Frick Collection - this is one of the nicest collections of art in beautiful surrounds. Wonder if Gina Reinhart would ever become philanthropic? Ha ha. You can only photograph in the central garden

And these are the flowers in that garden. beautiful colours

Next we went to Grand Central Station - another fabbo place saved with the help of Jackie Kennedy- magnificent inside - we had a bite to eat

The clock at Grand Central Station

Then off to the Rockefeller Centre - here is the ice skating rink

Passed these on the way - I know people don't like dyed flowers but I couldn't resist all the colours popping out at me - and finally we found somewhere to sit for a glass of wine before

We went to Matilda It was wonderful - real Tim Minchin - you could see him singing all the lyrics himself. Superb show recommend to anyone.

Times Square - I know it something you always see lots of images of but actually it is horrible- full of people and touts - I guess that's how it is when you have tourists but I am so glad we are not staying around there. We went the other direction and took the subway home

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Boud said...

The Frick! my favorite of all museums, wonderful art, human proportions, lovely to visit. Next is the Phillips Collection, but that's in DC, probably not on your itinerary this time around.


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