Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New York City day seven

This morning I walked to The Ink Pad which is only a few streets away. It reminded me of the stands we have had at shows - small and packed with loads of fabulously interesting stuff. I was quite restrained and only bought a few things I had not seen before. Ian took all the clothes to the laundromat to save our having to recycle our socks.

This is the public library on 7th Ave at the end of our street - it's a lovely building

Then we took the subway uptown once more- this time to the Lincoln Centre where we checked out the Met - looked to go to an opera on Wed but apart from the $300 tickets was all booked out and we are not that mad about opera. It was just going to be for the experience.

Next we walked back through Central Park to visit another gallery only to discover it was closed on Mondays.

So we went back to Colombus Circle and visited Wholefoods Market again in the base of the Time Warner building. The queues to purchase were huge - we bought salads by the weight and ate there.

Some of the flowers which greet you when you go down the escalator- I am enjoying seeing all the beautiful flowers in shops and on the sidewalk

Back to Chelsea markets on a failed mission but I did enjoy the window display at Anthropologie- the things you do with tags - when Bruce was on his cycling pilgrimage in Japan he posted some interesting photos which I have stored in the brain

Halloween is heating up and there were lots more displays at the market

And stuff with pumpkins - quite different for someone who has grown up with Guy Fawkes Night.

Walked home - we must be getting fit to match our tired feet and then ventured off very late a few avenues away where we found an Indian restaurant- hadn't realised just how late it was

A few weeks ago I tripped over as is my want and landed on my hand - it has been very painful and driving me nuts so I bought a bandage in the hope that. First wrap my hand changed colour so I have had to loosen it off.


Heather said...

I hope your hand will respond to the bandage.
I always love the contrast between very modern buildings and Victorian or earlier architecture.
Halloween mania has hit the UK too. It hadn't been invented when I was a child!

Boud said...

I love your journal of your stay! I live about an hour away and rarely get into the city, so this is too funny. Will you get to the Cloisters while you're there? lovely visit. But there's so much to see and do..


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