Thursday, October 16, 2014

Little more Ally Pally

I think we had the best stand covers at Ally Pally this year - hand dyed Flimsies (pre felts) arrived about an hour before we left Perth and I popped them on the top of the suitcase to cut up at the show

They did look good and on Sunday I actually cut them in half and then into size - someone bought the other half - we took many loads of Flimsies to the show and sold all bar about 5 - they were our biggest sellers although we also sold plenty of everything else especially silk laps and Slushies (wool/silk mix) and all the hand dyed sari ribbon on day one - and loads of other stuff - sold out of my books and flower stitchers - it's good when that happens as it means I packed boxes wisely

So not a lot to send back - in fact the boxes to return were halved and into them went my many purchases. I didn't see anything new but I loved, as always, all the exhibitions. Also it was great catching up with friends - Patricia - Maggie(we got a free lesson from Jan Beaney) - and of course Shelagh - we went a roaming on Sunday

So here we are all packed up ready to leave on Sunday night - we have had a wonderful 17 years of trading and met lots of wonderful people. This was our last year although we will be back to buy and visit and holiday and I am interested in running workshops if there is interest.

If you live in Europe - you can always buy 500gr - that's a fair amount of Flimsie - for £9 postage which is pretty good

After the show we spent most of Monday moving to a very nice hotel and doing the washing - we went to a fab restaurant again - Roti Chai - with Annette and Terry and two of Ian's friends from Reefton not seen for a long time

Then on for our holiday


Heather said...

So much preparation for such a short time, but obviously worth all the effort. I'm not surprised you sell out - your stand always looks very tempting.

Amanda said...

Is that a cardboard cutout of Ian? He looks very static! Lol. Hope you have a great onward holiday.


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