Wednesday, May 09, 2012

SAQA Oceania Studio Blog Hop

 Welcome to my beautiful studio in our garden. I am very lucky to have my own place in which to work and the garden between our house and the studio is where we live most evenings in the summer. The studio was designed to blend in with the two eucalyptus trees you can see the trunks of and I enjoy the colours and the way they change during the year. Inside it is not a neat and tidy place because if I put everything away then I cannot find things quickly and it feels like my soul is hidden - or something. That is my excuse. For many years I have worked in the corner of our bedroom but always somewhere which is my space.

Working away at one of the things I like to do - create on one of my sewing machines - 

 I have a decent sized table where I usually have things spread out  - I work in themes so there are always containers for each theme and I hop from one to another. I happen to be one of those people who run on the what if system so often when I am happily working on something my brain thinks - how about trying this and I do.

 Same table looking towards the garden to be outside - this garden to be has been in planning for quite some time - maybe before too long. However Harley the cat loves it and spends ages there doing whatever cats do but having fun.

 My trusty laptop used for creative stuff and not business stuff.

 My precious book collection - never enough space for books and they are always in and out for inspiration.

 A little corner where I often sit for thinking - the studio has a large window space around to link it with the outside and through the window is a spot where we often sit at night and watch the trees in our garden.

 My table today full of stuff I am preparing for my teaching trip to Canada - I work at this table a lot but when I want to work on big pieces or paint, I can easily work outside. I don't dye fabric if I can avoid it - I butter up Jacinta to do it for me. I really like to alter the surface of fabric by layering up

 so here is my small work station - which is marbelled topped and brilliant for working on - and my gelli plate at the ready. For some reason I buy small amounts of commercial fabrics from time to time and wonder why - then I use them for rubbings, overlays, cut them up and stitch them together so they become mine and part of my story. I am slowly working on a journal quilt based on my trip to Marrakesh. You can the first two pages on the right of this photo.

 My beloved embellisher always ready for work

My wet area - yes it is cluttered - and I have loads of Ikea pull out baskets - I like to see my stuff. I don't have drawers which close. My machine threads are in a shop paperback stand on its side on a shelf but since I mainly use my own designed variegated threads, they are always by my sewing machines for easy access.

The corner on the other side looking out - currently a small pile up of folders and baskets of work.

Hope you have enjoyed your visit to my studio - it is a precious place and I try to be in it every day.


Linda said...

I really enjoyed seeing all the areas within your studio Dale. I know what you mean when you say it is better to have 'things' out. I suffer the same fate if I pack things away, although it is nice to come across a lovely surprise from time to time.............

I wish you luck for the upcoming trip, and above all, a safe and happy journey to and fro.

Penny said...

Wish I had that much space and not as much clutter as I have. I now have a 3rd room, for making metal work. Should just stick with one thing.
Have a great trip away.

Sue Dennis said...

So lovely and sunshine filled! We can't avoid clutter when creating, it seems to go with the territory!

Lexa said...

Everything looks so tidy!! The sure way to never find something is to have a tidy and put things away.
See you soon in Victoria.

Kate said...

Gorgeous Dale - I love the connection with the garden and the trees and all that sun - it made me smile to see it. Thanks for sharing.

Doreen G said...

But where is the huge basket of samples that I remember seeing?

Thimble Fingers said...

I love seeing other peoples creative spaces, thanks for sharing Dale. It looks like a wonderful place, and it's no wonder you always like being in there. Enjoy your Canada trip.

mel.forrest said...

How wonderful to have the connection to the outdoors - very inspiring. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful space.

ArterNet Art - Online Art Gallery said...

Hi Dale, Your studio is just the bees knees, out in the garden. How fabulous and such a lot of space.

Heather said...

I have loved my 'visit' to your beautiful studio in it's lovely setting. Even though we only got a glimpse, the Marrakesh pages look wonderful.
It is always helpful to see how other people store their materials.
If I didn't have so many books I'd be able to have a tidy workroom!

Robin Mac said...

Wonderful tour of yur workroom, it must be so inspiring for you, though I suspect I would be easily distracted by the view through the windows. Have a fabulous trip to Canada. Cheers

Unknown said...

Hi Dale, I love your space! So light and airy!

Judy said...


Thank you so much for sharing your studio, I relate to the not tidy studio, and drive my man mad, I know where everything lives that's important to me.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Dale. I'm enjoying this blog hop. Your studio is simply beautiful. best, nadia

Jamie Fingal said...

I love how your studio is so open and large, with plenty of room to spread out. Love this studio tour.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing Dale. You have a lovely spot in the trees.

Have a great time in Canada.

Heather aka Kanerva


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