Thursday, May 31, 2012

Grouse Mountain

 Ian again - I got it wrong - not a ferry but at Canada Place where we caught the shuttle bus to Grouse Mountain. most impressed with Canada Place - eat your heart out Perth - maybe a junket trip to see something good - especially the exhibition centre....

 Up on Grouse Mountain - yes - snow...

 Looking back to Vancouver - the view was spectacular

that water is not from me by the way

a couple of tiny videos because I was playing and someone other than me was scared of the trip up and down- just one because blogger doesn't want to let me load the other one - maybe tomorrow

Phyllis - who was in my class but had to leave early on the last day to catch her ferry - sent me a couple of pics of her work - very nice they are

as I said before - they all created fabulous work.

We are getting up to date - still to send the QAs and only 3 Sew Somersets have arrived so I guess the rest must still be coming. We also have a number of Somerset Studios if anyone is interested. Jet lag arrived this morning so I have been up for a long time but I did get quite a few things done before 7am - I have added a new Taster - see the TAG above and also information about the WA Craft Show in August - I will add to this. Plus I have started writing the newsletter and have started organising the challenge to be on display at the show here in Perth. So watch this space and all the other spaces where we leave good words....

1 comment:

Heather said...

I like those two pieces of Phyllis's work.
The scenery in every direction in your photos is wonderful. Hope the jet lag will soon vanish.


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