Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Phew - we are back

 We had a good flight back and jet lag seems to have passed us by. Flew from Vancouver to LA and had a wee  rest in the Koru Club where they remembered us. Then very lucky to fly to Auckland on the black 777 for the second time. Another wee rest for a few hours and off to Perth.

 A pic of Ian on a ferry - lovely weather we enjoyed athough I hear it has got cold again. I always take hot weather with me where-ever I go.

 We spotted this guy in Downtown Vancouver when we were off to catch the bus to Grouse Mountain.

 He is a bit taller than Ian.

Today has been magazine day - Pages - Stitch - Quilting Arts - Art Quilting Studio - Sew Somerset - Somerset Studio and a few other Stampington mags - and the new Moonglow Sprays - the 5 new flat ones - can't wait to play with them - and a heap of the Tsukeniko all purpose inks stations. I think that is all but I have proabably missed something. Some of the mags went out today - the rest will go tomorrow along with the balance of the orders from today.  

Now I am off to cook one of our favourite curries to have with a glass of wine and a sit down and look at some of these magazines!


Doreen G said...

Welcome back you guys--now how about coming to Canberra and bring us some warm weather.

Heather said...

Welcome Home. Lovely pics and you got to travel on your favourite black jet again.
I can get Pages from a UK supplier which is great - I love it.
Down to earth with a bang for you now and noses to the grindstone once more.

Robin Mac said...

Welcome home - you have certainly got your running shoes on again! Glad you had such a fabulous trip, and I love all the photos of the students' work. Cheers

Hope Amen said...

Glad you had such a lovely trip. Enjoyed the photos. I am always looking for a good curry to share yours?


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