Friday, May 11, 2012

2 more sleeps

 Only 2 more sleeps until we fly off to Canada - getting organised but really not needing the hassle which good old useless parcel service (aka UPS) is providing. I think Ian had steam coming out of his ears today - I was too stressed by it to even think about it. Last time UPS caused us drama was in London and I cracked knee open. Needed a holiday in Europe afterwards to recover if I remember correctly.

Anyway back to the real world - I spent hours printing out stuff for my workshop - naturally every colour ran out and in the middle I inadvertently kicked the plug out and that wasted a bit more time. All done now. Onto the next thing.

Above is  play on Evolon using the gelli plate  - Used the Paperartsy chalk acrylics which are quite subtle and then I sprayed over with Gecko Green Glitz Spritz. I rather like it and will stitch but not today.

 Ian has loaded two new hand dyed sari ribbons - Carnivale and Persian Market. They are all so exciting when they arrive.
We bought Harley a new cat door because while she couldn't come back in with the old one, another cat could. So this one has her micro chip thingy. Only trouble is we have got her to go out but she won't come back in - I think she is too fat - I have been standing with enticing plate of food and Ian has been trying to gently push her but so far no good. She is so exhausted by all of this effort she has retreated to our bed for the entire day.

Thanks to all who came to see my studio - and Doreen - the big basket of samples is still there just inside the door. I couldn't show everything. I do love my studio and I have to admit there are already lots of containers spread back on the floor. Today is Averil's beautiful studio in  the medieval village of Introdacqua, Italy, to see where she works

Lots to do tomorrow but what is new...... including a lot more pushing and cajoling of you know who


Heather said...

Love the gelli plate design and those sari ribbons are gorgeous. Poor Harley - hope she masters the secret of the new catdoor soon.

Judy said...


All the very best for your trip to Canada, it's "Murphy's Law" that everything goes wrong when we are up against schedule, hope it all works ok. Happy Journey!


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