Saturday, May 19, 2012

A day out in downtown Victoria

Today after a very decent sleep in, we went into Victoria for a wander starting with coffee and a sort of breakfast come lunch come later on. It's a lovely little city and reminds us of many places in NZ. People are so friendly. These were some dolphins I saw.

We didn't go in but the Empress Hotel is the place for afternoon tea - we were wandering - Ian with his nasty back and me looking for a voice having lost it

The Empress Hotel is rather spectacular and there were lots of tourists with cameras

The Harbour

And another angle

And some more. Then we went off to look for somewhere nice to have a bite to eat and found the Tapa Bar

Very good food - just what we wanted and a Chilean red wine.

Someone in my class told me about Emily Carr so we went to Munros bookshop which is a most wondrous place to spend ages (as we did) and I bought a book of her paintings and her autobiography to get me started.

Looking forward to tomorrow's class and hoping my voice appears in the night.....


Doreen G said...

You guys seem to be having a great time--wish I were there with you.

Robin Mac said...

Likewise - I have always wanted to go to Canada, but suspect reading blogs is about as close as I shall get. I hope your voice returns and you continue to have fun. cheers

Papagodesign said...

Make the most of your time in Victoria. It's my favourite city. Hope you find time for sightseeing beyond the city centre.


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