Saturday, May 05, 2012

busy friday and saturday

 One very happy captain of the Hurricanes - and one very happy fan. They are doing very well.

 I have been playing with the Jacquard Lumiere 3D Dimensional Paint and Glue (a big mouthful) - we have got it in all 24 colours as well as some with 3 different tips. I thought I would try it out. I sprayed Starburst Sprays (the Marrakesh set) on Tissutex and then worked burgundy and lime green through the Marrakesh stencil. Guess what theme I am working on today? I like the detail of this stencil and it reminds me of the patterns I saw on Marrakesh. I popped sequins into places and they have stuck very well. I plan to stitch on it next. As it sets the colours intensify and sit raised. Very pleased with this [piece.

 The fourth colour in the hand dyed sari ribbons has arrived - Rivendell. Wonder what magic Jacinta is cooking up in her dyepot for next?

I have made another page for my Romeo book - very dark photos but that is because I left it until late to take my photo. the one above has turned itself around so youhave to turn your head on the side.....You should be able to see that I have stamped my fern stamp on with paint and stitched and washed out.Tomorrow I shall make a cord for it and maybe another page if I have time.

This is another page of Tissutex stamped with the Lumiere 3D paint. it looks really good.

Don't forget to check out the SAQA Oceania studio  blog hop -  today is Lisa Walton - her studio looks far too tidy for me.

The newsletter is nearly ready to post out - Ian has stopped inorder to watch some rugby but he has his usual beautification to do and then I will post it out. Some great specials this month.

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Heather said...

Lovely images and textures and the dark colours are very mysterious. I can see you have been enjoying yourself - the results are great.


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