Monday, July 20, 2009

wild weather

We have been having some pretty wild weather yesterday and today - this is not our garden but this morning our back yard was covered in hailstones. I had planned to decant metallic flakes in the garden today but abandoned that idea and took my deckchair to our lockup where I settled myself in and decanted 100 jars indoors instead. People going by usually look in to see what strange things are happening. it has been an unusual winter this year - do hope the dams are full.


Sandy said...

That's quite a storm. The garden would at least have made a routine job more pleasant.

Judy said...


Your weather seems more akin to Tassie than Perth.

Heather said...

Robin in Mackay has posted of wildly varying temperatures - 20 down to 3 degrees in four days! What have we done to our poor planet. We were 'promised' a good summer this year and apart from one week and a few odd days it seems to have done nothing but rain. Our reservoirs were drying up a few years back, but no such problems now.


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