Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday Stuff

We have been having fun on The Holey Moley Club playing with holes. Last night I spent some time with my couronne stick and sari twist making a series of holes - now I have to decide what how I shall use them. Wonderful texture.

I didn't realise that Ian had taken a photo of our back yard yesterday when it hailed. The butcher was telling me how lovely it would be (and a shock to the locals) if it snowed in Perth. Wishful thinking I would say.

.Some good news - after not being able to play any of our 7000 tunes through our Sonos system it is now working again - yeah. Listening to Leonard Cohen Live in London was our long awaisted choice this afternoon.

When we flew back from Melbourne last week we left a bag at security by mistake - it conatined 2 new jugs for Ian's hot milk to go with his coffee (one for here and 1 for Grant's), a new soup ladle, my precious hand knitted cardigan and a shirt of Ian's which was wet. We located our bag at left property and it duely arrived today for the princely sum of $65 minus the jugs and ladle. I do hope the thieves are enjoying using them. We don't usually have an extra bag and travel very organised but I think with having to take out the computer etc to go through the security stuff it is pretty easy to forget something. Lesson learnt..... Obviously our clothes didn't appeal. There was a plastic bag in the bag as well to protect my cardy from the wet shirt - this was probably used to carryt he jugs home in as that vanished too.....


Heather said...

Love the holes - I think the sari twist is the same fibre I have just been using to make my cards. It's lovely stuff. What rotten luck to have things stolen from your left luggage. Hopefully the jugs and ladle will be less expensive to replace than your handknit cardigan.

Aussie Jo said...

I will have to try those sari holes, they are fantastic.
What a shame to lose your things like that. At least you got some important pieces back.
Do you know when the program for the Perth show comes out, I'm getting impatient??

Laura Jane said...

Its so infuriating and sickening to lose stuff through theft like that.

I once walked away from security without my handbag!!!! They called me back.

The holey sari twist is looking great - such texture.

I took some photos of the hailstorm yesterday too. We live in Subi and got a solid blast. The pics are on my blog, along with some Wild Women I was making when it started and I promptly dropped them and grabbed the camera!

Doreen G said...

Love the Sari rings Dale----You seem to be a prime target for theives lately first your samples now this.
Maybe they only look for good stuff.

Sandy said...

The sari makes wonderful holes.
Too bad about the thief. I'll never understand why people do it.

Judy said...


Bit low of people to lift stuff from lost baggage, agree with Doreen G. maybe they only take the best stuff. Love the sari holes often wondered what to do with it.

Viv Estill said...

I'm sure Leonard would have been our choice too! He's our all time favourite - saw him in Edinburgh last year - great!!


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