Friday, July 03, 2009

Friday report

Well because we stayed at Grant's house last night (it's just around the corner and like going off for a little holiday), we didn't get to see how the racing went on the computer. Woke at 3am to a text message - good news and bad news. They won the first race (that's 4 out of 5) but at the start of the 2nd race they had a collision and retired so now they have 2 races with max points and have to wait until after race 9 to be able to drop another race. Fingers etc crossed for tonight's races. We have decided to stay at Grant's again - he has a lovely shower and it's like being on holiday and after breakfast we can walk to work. Means I walk the wrong way to get the papers in the morning before breakfast though and the guy at the shop noticed I came from the wrong direction. Plus we forgot to put the phone on call divert so I hope no-one phoned.

Thanks to Maggie (and I have stolen her pic) I now have a wonderful new toy - a Poloroid Pogo which works a treat - take a photo from my camera - plug it in and print it out. I have taken one and had a play but not worth showing here. It means that when we go away next I will be able to do some instant journal pages while I am away. Paris roses instantly.

Sent out the newsletter yesterday and noticed 2 errors as soon as it went. I told Ian the first person to let me know would win a prize of something. Doreen, being the best internet policewoman we have, is the winner. I could say I did it on purpose but I won't. And this is the fastest that an newsletter special has sold. We have 1 style stone left after less than a day. Wow...

For all those of you in Australia who are interested, Enid has just told me of a show worth watching on the ABC The film, "Threaded Connections" follows the making of a large textile installation by members of the Lismore and District Embroiderer's Guild and featured in an exhibition in late 2007. This project portrays the social and geographic history of the area and the importance of women past and present. It involved countless hours of meetings and stitching during 2006 and 2007. It will be screened on ABC2 on July 5 at 21.25 and on ABC1 on July 12 at 15,54.


Viv Estill said...

Shucks Dale - noticed the 5uaking and turbed myself but didn't like to bother you - no holds barred now Doreen!
Seriously though I think you do a great job Dale and fingers crossed for the next race!

Doreen G said...

I am always glad to bother you Dale as you well know--now I will have to work even faster with Viv after my title.
Good luck to the boys.

Heather said...

Thrills and spills for Slam - fingers crossed and good luck for the other races. Enjoy your new toy, it must be a marvellous gadget. 'Threaded Connections' sounds like a fascinating film.

Judy said...


Love your new gadget, and thanks for the show time of Threaded Connections.


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