Thursday, July 16, 2009

and on to Thursday

The week has rolled along and most of it we have looked like a receiving station for a large warehouse. Consequently we have taken to cooking and evening at Grant's rather than try to find the kitchen. Right now I have 5 huge boxes of Starburst Sprays, Moonshadow Mists and Glitz Spritz to unpack and sort through. Included in that huge shipment were a heap of the Moonglow Mica Powders - these are really lovely I have discovered not having played with them before. I have used my H20 water brushes filled with a little gum arabic so they will set nicely. They sparkle 2 ways so another lovely product from the Moonglow people. This set is Precious Metals. They come in sets of 6 or 10 - I have been a bit greedy and taken a few different sets. Apparently they are running out as they can't get all the necessary stuff for them and are not making any more - naturally I bought a pile. Just another little treat for my journals.

It has started raining again and been really cold for Perth - down to 2 degrees.

I am planning another challenge for next year - any suggestions for a title - I have been thinking Textile Tantrums or Experimental Textile Tantrums. What do people think? Same sort of size as this year but extending beyond just the embellisher.


Doreen G said...

No matter what you call it you can count me in.
And get that heat up please if I wanted cold weather I could stay in Canberra.

Viv Estill said...

Yes - count me in too Dale!
Actually seems to be a bit warmer here - but is supposed to be summer! Keeps raining all the same.

Heather said...

Those Precious Metals mica powders sound fantastic. Glad you have time to eat even if you haven't the space for it at home! Don't talk about weather - we in the UK were supposed to have a wonderful summer this year. I think we may already have had it for just one week when it was too hot and humid to go out!! It has poured with rain today and doesn't look a bit like July. Never mind - I can stay in and play with fabric, thread and paint.

Penny said...

At this rate I will never finish module 5 of my playways! Sounds like fun.
We have had over 4 incnes in a week.

Unknown said...

Sounds exciting - both the mica powder and the challenge.
Not sure if I am up to the challenge though .
Off to play with ink & scrim
Heather HDD

Aussie Jo said...

Okay, I've had the dictionary out for a little light reading.
How about:
textile tampering, textile tarantulas!!, textile tapestries, tempestuous textiles, textile temptations, terrorising textiles, textile thrillers (thanks to Michael Jackson).
Definitely have to put the embellisher back onto the shopping list for 2010!!


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