Monday, July 13, 2009

Back home again in Perth

We had a wonderful weekend in Melbourne - very relaxing indeed. Helped by the business class flight over and back using up some of the frequent flyer points we have accumulated and never seem to be able to use. Here we are in Degraves Street for breakfast - Ian reading one of the many newspapers he buys. He seems to think each one will have different news in it.

Lovely contrasts of old and new - I love all the old churches in Melbourne - Perth has successfully managed to get rid of almost all of its.
We enjoyed Federation Square this time.

Then, Holey Moley people, is this a hole or what?

We spend quite a few hours at the Dali exhibition - almost got Dali'd out. So much to see. It's not that all of his work grabs me but he was a clever guy.

Saturday night we went to Jersey Boys - what a fabulous show it was. We were up in the very back row but that didn't matter at all.

On Sunday there we were in Federation Square yet again - all those lines this time. We spent quite a while in the Art Gallery. When we go over for a show like the Quilt Show etc we don't have time to go see anything other than the inside of a building. It was lovely to sleep in and relax and wander. I went to the markets under the Arts Centre as well and bought up a heap of printing paper for my Polaroid Pogo so now I am back in business.

Back home, back to work. Today a very large shipment of tussah and mulberry silk arrived Very nice too. Just got to start packaging some of it. Tomorrow......


Doreen G said...

Is that an All Blacks beanie that Ian is wearing?

Heather said...

It must have been a treat for you to be a tourist for once! Glad you had a good break. I agree with you about Dali's works - I couldn't live with one, but he was so talented. Love your photos - I went to Vancouver once and was stunned by all the marvellous reflections - especially of the old buildings - in the skyscrapers.

Alison Gibbs said...

Great to hear that you had a good time in Melbourne. Bad luck our weather wasn't a bit better


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