Sunday, July 26, 2009


Ian is still testing but here is next door cat Mango who spends all day at our place. Every morning she drinks water from the little waterlily pot before she settles on the front verandah chairs waiting for her mother to come home. Such an exhausting life.


Gill G said...

What - no comment on the rugby this week. Springboks play a very spoiling game. Pussy cat looks as if he is really enjoying that drink! Hope he isn't hungry and that there are not fish!!!

Heather said...

At least Mango only comes into your garden. One of our neighbours has two cats who come into our house and eat our cat's food. As he is very old now I think he just allows this to happen rather than challenge them and anyway he's usually asleep on the end of our bed! We've tried all sorts of ways to stop them coming in, but to no avail.


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