Wednesday, May 20, 2009

washing machines, cats and mags

Today we have been enthralled with our new Italian front load washer/dryer - so much so that Ian has done the washing and thinks we should do some more tomorrow. We now have a pretty good Fisher and Paykel (it was a big decision to change really) washing machine and a tumble dryer to give away to new homes. It did mean a compulsory clean out of the space though and we found one of the missing socks - still don't know where all the others have gone to.

This is Mango - next door's cat who lives all day in our garden usually on the chairs on the front verandah but when it is hot she likes to move around the back. I stacked all the cushions up because there is an apparent (ha ha) talk of showers. Mango has obviously decided she is the Princess of the Peas.... One of her special tricks is to drink the water lily water. She is only just mellowing to us and even put 2 paws inside the back door the other day.

Last night we went to the play The Alchemist - it was fabulous - one of the best plays we have seen in ages. Bell Shakespeare Company. I would recommend it to anyone - it's only on until Staurday at His Majesty's Theatre. It is fast moving and very well acted and we laughed a lot.

Today the premier issue of Art Quilting Studio arrived. I decided to bring in 20 copies to see how they go. It's a pretty good magazine with lots of good ideas. It should be on our website tomorrow but you can email if you are interested. $29.50 and I have already sold 4. Lots of Ruth Rae articles.

I have updated the holey moley club site and am working on a few more holes.

Re Textile Art Festival hands-on workshops - somehow I have lost the paper I had all the names of the people who have booked in... Can you believe it? it has been sitting in the same spot by the computer since the first person booked... Anyway I have started another and emailed those I know but if you booked and haven't had an email from me, would you mind emailing me? I would hate there to be chaos in Brisbane.
STOP PRESS: found paper - all is well - don't panic anymore...


Heather said...

That must be some washing machine! Love Mango - cats always find a comfy perch. Art Quilting Studio looks good. Glad you found your precious piece of paper.

HDD said...

Wow. I still can't come at the concept of washer / drier combo!
Wish we could send you some of our Qld wet weather! We're afloat and more again in the South East. Fortunatly for me a tad south of Cooloola.
Heather HDD


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