Saturday, May 16, 2009

Brilliant Rugby

Despite being horrendously busy we have enjoyed a brilliant rugby weekend - the Hurricanes won their game and are running third on the ladder - it being the final game before the semi-finals. Hanging on the Sharks/Bulls game while we sleep. In fact we enjoyed all the games - Bruce and Kazuko are away tonight so we 3 were left in charge and since there were 3 games to watch we had a bbq. Very nice.

Today was the vote for daylight saving but not yet sure of the result. You never know your luck.

Thanks for all the comments re the pilfering and thanks Carol for the acknowledgement - it all means heaps to me.


Heather said...

Fingers crossed for the rest of your rugby games. Don't work too hard. I'm looking forward to some bbq weather even though we don't have a bbq! Our climate doesn't allow us enough time to practise or practice!! I'm safer in the kitchen with the grill or oven then we can take it outdoors to eat it.

Gill G said...

Changing of the clocks no more!! Good rugby weekend -even the Force managed a win at their home ground and farewell to a lot of their players. Made the mistake today of ironing bondaweb to my iron! and I have a stack of ironing to do!Beautiful weather.


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