Sunday, May 10, 2009

another Sunday

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers around - actually every day would be mother's day I reckon! It's a funny day really - if you sell flowers and have a bad day today you are in the wrong business. Lots of happy Mothers going out to lunch I saw when I went up the road, and lots of bored teenagers and bored mothers too... We just had a relaxing mostly day at home. I am trying to finish the last page of my Stonehaven book but the stitching seems to go on forever and every time I finish a bit I am sure it will be enough.....

I have a lovely bay tree in my garden in a pot near where I like to sit - there is something wonderful about the smell of fresh herbs.

2 Exciting rugby games yesterday - the Hurricanes did not win - they started off with a bang but I think they got a little disorganised so all credit to the Chiefs - Ian has suddenly remembered he is a Chiefs supporter from way back. The other game between the Blues and the Brumbies was great rugby too. It is going to be an exciting final week next weekend - all depends on many of the outcomes


Heather said...

Hope you had a bit of pampering today - we had our Mothers Day back in March. Good job it isn't every day - what size would I be if I ate chocolates every day! Your bay tree leaves look so healthy and glossy. They are obviously happy in your climate whereas ours have to struggle with the vagaries of English weather and come inside for the winter.

Judy said...


Sounds like you had a good Mother's day!


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