Monday, May 11, 2009

Blog Haiku Festival

there are some threads stitched
to the undersides of leaves
to match your secrets

hope you have taken part - it is a long time since I wrote a haiku - but a great idea - I will post my pic to go with my haiku tomorrow - I forgot to photgraph it and now it is dark.


Gina said...

I like your Haiku Dale!

Heather said...

Love your haiku Dale and am looking forward to seeing the picture that goes with it.

Sandra Wyman said...

Love your haiku - couldn't resist - had to join in and do one myself

Sandy said...

I love Haikus-yours is nice.

Diana said...

Love your haiku, Dale - I think they are a brilliant way of expressing yourself in a few little words and finding inspiration for a project!

Elizabeth said...

love the connection between plant and art and stitchery.
My cable went down last night so am posting you rlink today.
So sorry for the delay.
Greetings from New York!

Judy said...


I wish i had got involved with this I would lovew to get back to my poetry! I am taken with your verse here very much, good luck with it.


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