Friday, May 01, 2009

Brilliant Win

A brilliant win to the Hurricanes who are now still on the top of the ladder - only 2 more weeks to go........

And now I am going to spend the evening watching Midsomer Murders (it's amazing how many there are in this one area...) and stitching my Stonehaven back cover.

We didn't quite get our newsletter out today but it will appear tomorrow and in a day or two afterwards do check out Holey Moley as I should have all the info ready. But on the other hand, all the latest Cloth Paper Scissors did go out.


HDD said...

Love Midsummer Murders. Have just watched it too. But what an amazing place to live. One Would wonder if you were next
Oh goodie Next ClothPaper Scissors

Heather said...

I could just add my name to 'other' Heather's comment. I'd love to live in a typically English village, but not that one!! I too am looking forward to the next Cloth Paper Scissors but scarcely need anything else to do at present and there is bound to be at least one thing which will send me off on a new tack.

Sandy said...

Quite a leap for the ball. I love Midsommer Murders, and we can't get it any more.


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