Saturday, January 23, 2016

Still tonking along

Thus is another photo of 21 Ferrar Street in better days - Ian's parents were visiting and it looks like two kiddies got brand new watches - how could you tell?

I gave made a few more if my precious memory pages - my printer is misbehaving once again - this is my dad - I collected his birth certificate this week. Trying different methods so everything isn't the same - once I have 20 finished I will start on the backs

And I finished my Summer stitching #7 - three to go before the end of January - looking a little scarey so better get going faster

Booked a few airplanes lately - off to NZ to annoy everyone and off to Melbourne to do a workshop in June but most importantly, off to Toronto in May to teach. So exciting.

Urban puss has a new garden spot - I think she thinks the birds might not notice her but they are far too smart

We have been looking at pots for our new garden feature for the waterlilies- but now not these ones but three others

The Virtual Verandah has been keeping me very busy this week and I am even improving with my newsletter writing etc.

Here's my new chillie plant - just couldn't resist another

1 comment:

Heather said...

Your year is already sounding very busy. Harley is clever hiding in the shade to keep cool, but she can also keep an eye on the birds. Love the stitching - lovely happy colours.


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