Saturday, January 16, 2016

In the garden

It's been hot indoors but apart from the Glory game - lovely and peaceful outside tonight - looking up at the trees so tall and gentle

With their herbal surrounds

Who would be so nasty as to want to murder one with giant drill holes and poison? But we persevere and if you look up you can see the new wooly growth apparently pushing the poison out. The big lower branch is very much alive and well with lots of lovely leaves. The part I like best are the dead branches which fall on the other side of the fence from where the attempted murder happened

Lots of little birds - they love the waterlilies for their water

Drinks and dips

Just caught him in action


Heather said...

It's perfect karma that the dead branches fall on the other side of the fence. Love those little birds stopping by for a drink. I love it when they visit our water feature for a bath and a drink.

Teresa said...

Had a huge giggle when I read where the dead branches fall and no doubt the leaves too. Serves those nasty people right. It's astonishing to think they snuck into your yard to do their dirty deed. I bet they never thought you'd nurse that tree back to health, I bet they thought they were home and hosed. Well, bad luck to them and hearty congratulations to you and Ian for your perseverance and nurturing. And the little birdies are gorgeous.

Terri K said...

Do people not realise that we need trees to breathe? I don't understand how anyone would want to harm such beautiful trees. Well done to you and Ian for bringing this lovely one back from the brink. Those little birds are so sweet and wonderful to watch.

Robin Mac said...

I am so glad you have managed to save the tree - and how fitting that the branches are falling on their side of the fence! Your garden always looks so lovely and peaceful. Cheers


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