Thursday, November 13, 2014

Some more wonderful play with thermofelt

Jan Lowe has been having a great time exploring the thermofelt and here is her story

First up, a Lily, dismembered to get the right shape for the petal. Before moulding, stencilled dots on one side with one of the Gem paints, then free motion stitched all around. On the back I applied a Paris Deli paper with fusible web, then Blanket stitched around the edge. I used a strip of the felt rolled around a stick for the stamen and painted that too. All was held together with rubber bands and bull dog clips. Misted with water and baked in the oven at 90* for 30 mins.

Another flower with some leaves. Before cutting the petal shape, dry felted some darker pre-felt around the cut circle shape.

I made the petals by cutting with a pinking blade on the rotary cutter, then did some stitching on flower and leaves. Captured a pom pom with a rubberband at the centre. Using pearl cotton  stitching it into the shape required before misting and baking.

Finished. Glued the pom pom in to be sure it didn’t pop out.

Next - decided to make a vessel for the flower. I cut a piece of felt wide enough to go round a cylindrical vase. Using pearl cotton did rows of running stitch. 
Wrapped it around the vase with the stitching running vertically, tying firmly and pulling the thread top and bottom so it all squished (technical term) down. Misted and baked as before. When cooled removed all threads and using a varigated pearl cotton did random cross stitch to hold the vertical edges together. Added embellishments using the Couronne stick. Instead of wrapping thread around the stick used strips of the felt, blanket stitching over them.
 Thank you Jan and all the other wonderful people who have played with the thermofelt. You always have permission to play becasue that is how we find out what might or might not work. 

You can see our range of thermofelt here -
lots of colour to play with and a deal for 10

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Heather said...

Fascinating stuff and loads of possibilities.


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