Saturday, November 29, 2014

Saturday in Hawkes Bay

A drive up Te Mata Peak - wonderful views but plenty of wind

In the afternoon we went to Cape Kidnappers and did a three hour trip - we both enjoyed it very much - the driver - host - guide was so enthusiastic and passionate and full of loads of info.

We went to the Gannet colony and I learnt more than what I ever imagined I might know

Two Gannets - these guys mate for life but at the moment they are nesting.

Here is one strutting his stuff

Looking down at another level of Gannets

And here is the loner or the individualist


Heather said...

Beautiful scenery in all directions. I love the way that gannets look as if they have just been drawn by a very good artist. Their head markings are so clean and precise.

Julie said...

Beautiful sights. I absolutely love Gannets, they are such dynamic birds. We watch them plummeting into the water when we are in Cornwall.


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