Sunday, November 16, 2014

Beaufort Street Festival 2014

 Saturday was the Beaufort Street Festival and I believe that 150,000 came and went. It was packed and hot but not as hot as last year. This was a wonderful Peacock made from recycled goodies - hard to photograph lots of people

As you can see - lots of people - lots of food stands and people hanging out in restaurants people viewing or look at me - we wandered to the top, checked out a few things and saw the art work - lots of artists. This year they used the side streets more - and plenty of kiddy activities and the usual dog beauty award and other things happening. It is great to have the street closed to traffic and I know it causes chaos to the streets surrounding but then we do live near the inner city  so just enjoy it.

 Another photo looking the other way.

 in Grosvenor Lane there was some fabulous laneway art - Beaufort Street has lots of laneway art these days and I also read in the paper of all the new little bars cropping up.Not that I drink spirity stuff but it is great to see.I rather like the idea of Tonys where you have to have a code to get in the door. Not to mention dining on the beaches. Things have changed in Perth since we came here when you couldn't eat outside restaurants as you can in Europe.

The mayor had his photo taken with these great pieces. My phone was complaining so I only took these ones but it was great to see it all happening.  When you go walking you realise how things have changed in Highgate since we came here in 1992 - so many high rises and apartments and so many people. And very cosmopolitan.

Meant to say thanks for all the lovely emails about my blogging in New York - glad you enjoyed it - we tried to cover everything we could in our 10 days but of course we missed things but we were happy. Loved New York. I haven't started work on my manholes as yet but my baskets of goodies and stuff is full waiting.


Heather said...

That looks like a lot of fun. A bit like our street carnivals over here though we don't always get that lovely blue sky and sunshine!

Amanda said...

My goodness that's a lot of people! Looks good fun though.


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