Saturday, November 08, 2014

Last weekend we went to Margaret River for the inaugural Silk Expo - it wasn't a huge affair but a fabulous idea - there were workshops and some traders including us. Having hit the floor running coming back from Europe etc, we were concerned about going off do soon when there was mountains to do but it was a lovely weekend and a compulsory relaxation. Haven't been to Margaret River for a very long time and it is very touristy but the surrounds are great - we were lucky to get accommodation which was superb and being foodies, managed to find a very nice restaurant

We visited the chocolate factory (much too touristy for us) and Providore and ran into Ned Kelly

There was an exhibition as well as the expo - this is Val Hornibrook's fabulous nuno felted best called Laminated Layers which I loved. Val taught two workshops- lucky people

Jan Flower was also teaching Eco dyeing and had yummy goodies there - hopefully Jane and Val will be guest exhibitors at the WA Craft Show on Perth in August next year - loved their work

Jennie Abbot was also on attendance and this was her work - loved it

I make silk paper on the stand (in the tent)

A few sheets - not made any for a while

And then I wove it something I enjoy - will stitch it some time

And because there was a lady there whose name I forget teaching silk spinning with a spindle and weaving silk, I found a piece of card and tipped scraps out of my Kimberley Dreaming box and wove up a little piece

Right now I am stitching up another background while we sort out where we are going to watch the All Blacks play England since it isn't on Foxtel

In the meantime the garden needs attention mmmmm.......

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Heather said...

Those garments are so beautiful and I love your silk paper and stitchy piece. I won't wish the All Blacks 'good luck' for the game!


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