Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hawkes Bay NZ

Yesterday we roamed around mostly Napier - we haven't been here or anywhere in Hawkes Bay for a long time- the weather is certainly better than Palmerston North. This is a golf putt putt on Marine Parade - that brought back memories

Art outside the tourist info site where we needed to collect a map

The Cabbage Tree in glory

Sculpture seen in the gardens

I read about this - Writing on the Wall which is highly appropriate for me

Seen in Napier

This is the National Tobacco Company building - wonderful Art Deco building in 1933 after the earthquake

I took a few shots

There were all round the edges

Last night we went to Black Barn Bistro for a lovely meal and very friendly staff - would recommend it

Can't stay in NZ without the sheep pretty close to our Loft - along with a paddock full of cows

Our view from the upstairs balcony. Bliss

1 comment:

Heather said...

Beautiful images from your NZ visit. In some ways it looks so English but definitely has it's own identity.


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