Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sculpture By The Sea

Hardly the time to be outside in the sun with our 8th record heatwave since 1895 or something. 40 degrees today...

But - every year at Cottesloe they have a Sculpture by the Sea
This is the Indiana Teahouse  - Cottesloe is a popular beach - although driving to the beach in weather like we are having seems silly as you get hot again driving back home.

 this one is Dump I think and it won

Another sculpture - Redboy

and this is Arch

It is a very popular installation and loads of people go to see it.


Peaceful Parallel said...

Was the tattoed and pierced lady there? We met her in Edinburgh and she said she goes to this event every year. Amazing woman once you grt past the facade, lol! Bethx

Heather said...

That's a great idea to have sculptures on the beach - I love Arch.


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