Sunday, March 25, 2012

Open Day and the winner is

We  had a lovely day yesterday for our Open Day - the weather was perfect - even clouded over and not humid. Many thanks to all the wonderful customers who came - we were really busy in the morning. Hope you all enjoy your goodies.

Kazuko pulled a lucky winner out of my new red shoes box and congratulations to Kerry Svenson who won the $50 voucher to spend at the Thread Studio anytime.

 I played with the Gelli Plate - surprise surprise - this is on silk - I managed to spray over with Starburst because I could. We have sold out of the big plates again but more are on their way - still got some small ones in stock.
 And while I was at it I used the Gelli Plate to print onto Romeo - all ready now for stitching onto.

Today was supposed to rain but it didn't although it is humid and we have been slow and lazy about putting everything away. But we did stocktake lots of things which makes life so much easier - I have even been reordering on a Sunday. It is a chance for us to tidy things up inside the 'shop' as well.

I am back at my embellisher finishing a project and then I am planning to sit outside and read my book. I think I deserve it.


Heather said...

I think you deserve it too Dale. What a lovely way to shop - your garden makes the perfect backdrop to all those gorgeous goodies.
Love the Gelli plate on silk and can't wait to see how the Romeo sample turns out.

Terri K said...

You absolutely deserve to put your feet up!
I really enjoyed browsing your gorgeous products in such a lovely home garden/shop environment. As a customer I thought it was even better than going to a craft fair, I suppose for you too - a lot easier to unpack and tidy away again I would guess.
Any chance of having an Open Day a few times a year?

Linda said...

Lucky, lucky people to be able to attend your Open Day Dale. I am green with envy. Congratulations to Kerry for her win.

I simply adore the Gelli plate print, and can't wait to see how the printed Romeo stitches out.

So pleased to hear your weather has been a bit more pleasant, it's been dreadful over there. We are having a beautiful Autumn morning here. Cheers.

Jeann of Melton said...

Dale, I am so jealous reading about your Open Day...bit of a trek from Victoria!
I have enjoyed playing with my new Gelli plate and stencils. Glad I bought the large one


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