Tuesday, March 06, 2012

it should be autumnal

We have had a long weekend - well the others have - it has been lovely and quiet so they must have gone away. Too hot to think though and I have been trying to work away on Romeo - this is some velvet I am stitching on but I am still of two minds. I have another lovely piece of velvet all ready to cut up and emboss and stuff - still drawing pics of what is in my head at present - yes I really do draw. I remember that Julia Caprara told me off when I said I didn't draw and pulled out some of  my journals to show me my drawings. Funny isn't it - I had been doing all this drawing but hadn't thought it worthy to be called drawing.

The rest of the country is in flood and we are in dry and hot - that is silly. I spent yesterday putting together new Felt making kits
This is the Barrier Reef one

And this morning I made new Needle felting kits up
This is the back of Earth Element - they have lots more wool fibre in them

And then Jacinta sent me the first lot of Marrakesh in silk, wool and slushie - what do you think?
and now Ian is hurrying me up to go off to eat.


Asha Jamwal said...

Check this

Heather said...

Beautiful velvet samples and I love the Marakesh Slushie. Hope you cool down soon - the world's weather is doing strange things but we are lucky right now and are having Spring! Your autumn will come.

Linda said...

Love the stitching Dale, looks sooooo yummy. Sorry it's still so hot with you. We haven't had anything like the rain others have had, and it's still rather warm here, but it's only March!! I'm really interested in all the lovely felting things, and am in love with Jacinta's Marrakesh!! I've just purchased a needle felting attachment for my machine, and ready to play, play, play..........

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Lovely work on the velvet. Did you make the flwerson Romeo or do they come like that? The weather seems quite crazy, we had teeming rain here on N/W Coast of Tassy on Saturday and part of Sunday, yet down south of in the Derwent Valley they had busfires that burnt out 5000 hectares and still burning and they were concerned if the heat kept up the firs would get worse, no logic to it. Then theres all the rain up in Queensland, NSW, and Victoria. Love Ja cinta's Marrakesh colours.


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