Friday, March 23, 2012

busy Friday

 I am really pleased with the texture I have created here - just time for a tiny bit of work

 Fabulous game by the Hurricanes - had to stop work to enjoy it

 The back garden has all its tables set out for tomorrow - come 10am they will be full of new goodies, favourite goodies and super specials. We will be up bright and early.

 I spent time yesterday and today rolling up our new hand dyed blanket rolls. Jacinta sends everyone out to hunt for woolen blankets and then she dyes them up and sends them over. You should be able to recognise the colour themes.

And a pile of them.


Heather said...

Your textured piece is beautiful - love the colours too.
Lucky customers tomorrow with all those gorgeous rolls of blanket and all the other goodies - have a great day.

Ali Honey said...

IT was a good game. I bet someone else there thought his lot had it in the bag ( if he's still supporting the Blues that is. )

Dorothy said...

The texture looks really great on your leaf piece. The blankets look good roo. Sorry I could not make it today as I has another committment.


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