Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday cometh - what happened to our weekend?

 After a busy weekend on we go. The back garden looks tidy though. Thanks for all the lovely comments and emails - we thought it was a nice atmosphere and better than a show - while it was extremely busy in the morning (well it is at shows too), people were able to meander and look without having to squeeze into spaces where we usually load hundreds of products - and it was more relaxing for us as well - and I enjoyed the space of being able to demo. So we are thinking we might like to try a Spring Open Day maybe in September. What do you think? By then Harley may be brave enough to nag around - one look this time and she was off - either to the fireplace or under the water tank. And you know we forgot to put out quite a few products but I am not sure there was any more room. One of the things about being at home is that you can go and get something when someone asks instead of having to say "it's not here - it's at home"

 I thought I would show my Starburst Spray colour chart - I got it all up on foam board on Friday night and some flowers fell off but it was helpful for people to see the colours. I shall get the Moonshadow Mist one done next. in the meantime today I finally got my velvet project finished and away (bad late girl I know) and packaged silk cocoons and rolled kunin felt - a job which has been waiting for a while.

Best excitement as always were the parcels - new Karantha moulding mats - and the Dylusion Inks - yeah - they will be on the web tomorrow. I love inks and sprays in case you didn't know. These are for paper - they are just inks. Very bright colours.


lisa_crofts said...

How much are the sprays dale

Heather said...

The Starburst sprays are gorgeous - I want one of each!! Those inks look pretty good too. After working all weekend, either getting ready or clearing up, have a day of in the week - why not?

Linda Stokes said...

Sounds like a good idea to have an open day in Spring - couldn't go on Sun - had a kitchen tea I had to go to.


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