Tuesday, March 27, 2012

pretty in pastel

I have spent most of the day rolling all the kunin felt rolls - a long job but satisfying to have finished. Just as well I cleared the space outside the front door because a shipment of lovely silk sari ribbon arrived including some I am calling Pretty in Pastel - they will go on the web as one-offs mostly because they are all individuals. We will have new colour themes coming in the next few weeks which is very exciting stuff.

So the day has flown by and nothing creative has happened apart from the satisfaction of ticking everything off on my today's list. Doesn't happen very often. Wondering if anyone else has a lazy postie? We get mail every day but lately we have been getting lots of other people's mail as well. Because we post parcels every day I put them in the bins with the parcels and write on them - 'lazy postie - please deliver to the address on the envelope' Now we can do this easily because Ian has to drive to the central posting every day but for others, I have seen people running around the streets doing the postie's job for him. Worrying times indeed.


Heather said...

Our posties are pretty good and only rarely do we get the wrong mail.
Those sari ribbons are so gorgeous - it's almost a shame to cut the hank up and do anything with it!!!

Judy said...

Hi! Dale,

Lovely Pastel Sari Ribbons, we sometimes get other peoples mail, but have Road Side Delivery, can never catch the postie, so have to ring PO. say cold postie get out of our box or we have to repostnext time we are in town (once every 2 weeks. Had same trouble when we lived in town, think postie should have eyesight test before being employed.


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